Trends in interior decoration for this 2021

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There are people who like to live in a vintage or old-fashioned vibe, which is not bad at all. This type of decoration, view and panorama, has its own charm and, if done properly, can not only beautify your home.

But, also give it a personality and style of its own, which will speak not only of the good taste you have, but also of how much you care about how your home is perceived and how you feel comfortable with it.

However, the vintage vibe, futuristic vibe, or unique decorations that you can implement in your house or apartment, do not necessarily have to come demarcated by how you have imagined the home of your dreams since you were a child or a teenager.

Sometimes, it can happen that you need external recommendations and a broad overview of the times we are living in to be able to opt for the best options on the market when it comes to giving a face and a soul to your personal space.

That is why, this 2021, has been a year especially prone to such initiatives that have revived the collective imagination and have allowed interior decorators.

Experts in these areas, has not only modernize and give imprint to all the styles that can acquire a space as personal as a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom or even a bathroom, but to make them trend within a panorama that can have everything, but never lack of options.

The most used styles in 2021

Here are three styles that are key and have turned out to be authentic hits when it comes to framing your home with the best of smiles.

Navy color trend

Not to be confused with the naval or navy trend, properly speaking, although they can be considered as distant or close cousins, depending on the color used, the naval trend, refers distinctly to the colors.

King blue, dark and deep blue, white, various shades of cream and wood, and some varieties of yellow.

Then, you can add all kinds of decorations in the form of statuettes, monoliths, paperweights, pictures or naval style decorations, even if you have never set foot on a ship in your life.

These types of prints are very popular nowadays, because the colors are inexpensive, easy to get, as are their ornaments, and they fit into basically any space.

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Ligth wood

But why stay only with the vintage seventies, eighties and nineties, if we can go beyond? Some people, more than classic, can be quite folkloric in their decorations, and like to feel in sumptuous palaces of the Medieval Age.

Which give a tone of a house in the middle of the forest or a strong Game of Thrones style to their spaces. In these cases, sturdy wood for walls, stairs, floors and ceilings can be a great option.

Best of all, you don’t need much more material than a little varnish and possibly some woodland or medieval decor to go with it.

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Gray and neutrals colors

There are those who may consider this style as the most boring and with less «style», worth the redundancy, of all the above mentioned.

But knowing how to use it and implementing it correctly, it can give your home an air of sobriety, confidence and elegance difficult to emulate for anyone who tries to be inspired by your creativity.

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These are the main options and trends of this first half of the year 2021. Which has been your favorite? We hope we have opened your panorama and given you a new perspective on your ideal home.

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