Tips for hiding a long and narrow hallway

Tips for hiding a long and narrow hallway

Hallway’s decoration: Decorating long and narrow hallways can be a pain in the neck. Most houses have one, and they lead to more private areas like the bedrooms. People often neglect or simply ignore the hallway’s decoration. However, decorating a hallway can be a lot of fun and by following some simple rules, you can make it look and feel larger.

Good lighting

In a hallway natural light is ideal. Unfortunately, in most cases, hallways do not have any window or other source of natural light so they can be very dark and gloomy places. You can solve this with pendant lights, wall lamps, or perimeter LEDs in the ceiling or walls. Painting the wall white or any light color also helps to make the hallway feel brighter and larger.

Hallway’s decoration with Mirrors

Mirrors are great to make every room look larger and hallways are not the exception. They create the illusion of a window and bounce the light. A big mirror in a wall or at the end of the hallway can do the trick. A round mirror on a narrow console is a good alternative.

Hallway’s decoration with a long rug and a gallery on the wall

A good colorful rug can add color and personality to a hallway. If the hallway is very long a pair of rugs of different designs and colors can make it look shorter. If it is very narrow an area rug like a runner is perfect to give it some personality and make it look larger.

Pictures, family portraits, and paintings can give color to a hallway. It is preferable to use small pictures with frames of the same color as the wall. They should be at the eyesight of a person of medium height.  You can also put a console or a picture ledge for your photographs and souvenirs, but just like the frames, it should match the wall’s color.

Hallway’s decoration using the space creatively

Even when the space is tight, you can make the most of it by using it intelligently. You can put a built-in wall-mounted bookcase and have more space for your books and other items. By adding a comfortable armchair in a corner you can create a reading space. If it is possible you can install an open shelf built into the wall and make better use of the space. Some empty shelves allow the light to get into the hallway.

A little storage bench in the middle can make a long hallway shorter, add extra storage space, and set up a place to read the mail or take a break. By adding some wall-mounted hooks you can add a place to hang your coats, hats, or umbrellas. An indoor plant like bromeliads or philodendrons can give some life and color to a boring hallway.

These are some ideas you can follow to decorate a hallway, especially if it is long and narrow. If you are not sure what kind of furniture or carpet to use, you can always rent them and try which is better for your house.

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