The Importance Of Plants In Decoration

The Importance Of Plants In Decoration

When decorating, people only think of adding new furniture, artwork or painting, we do not realize the importance of plants in decoration. Adding plants is really important in proper decoration. Having them will greatly improve the health of the occupants of a home, office, or any room you can think of.

Even if having plants is a test of responsibility and you’ll need to take care of them properly, the added work will be worth it in the end. Also, you could research for plants that are not too difficult to grow. Here are some benefits of having plants in your decoration plans:

The importance of plants in decoration

Plants Reduce Noise

The shape of the leaves, branches and other parts of the plants make the soundwaves bounce off and absorbing the noise.

This concept is often used in the edges of the backyard to reduce the noise coming from the street vehicles. For that some plants placed indoors will reduce noise pollution.

Purifying Air

The AC and other forms of indoor temperature and humidity controls trap volatile organic compounds, that are harmful to us. Also, the dust particles tend to accumulate easier in these air-tight spaces.

The majority of house plants remove more than half of the air toxins and gases like smoke from cigarettes, and pull them into the soil. With proper care plants will also absorb great quantities of dust particles that will sit on their leaves.

Plants Oxygenate the Environment

As we all know from our school teacher plants produce oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. So, if we grow plants inside our home and workspace the oxygen levels will rise, this will make us feel refreshed.

Also, there are some plants like orchids that release oxygen at night, if we place some in our bedroom we will sleep better.

Health Benefits Of Having Plants

Plants lower stress levels naturally and induce a positive mindset in our brains. Also, lower blood pressure and calm our heart rate. This change of mood will encourage us to be more productive and we will experience less headaches, colds, coughs and fatigue.

Aesthetic Variety and more options

Should be noted that the new trends of home design favour open spaces with white or light colours.

This is perfect for plants since their colours should make the perfect contrast without losing the tranquillity and peaceful aspect of our decoration. Surely, you’ll need to carefully choose a pot that goes with your design.

Diversity of options can make a plant fit in almost any interior design. For example, small plants like cactus or aloe fit in every small apartment.

But some big plants can also be a great addition for minimalistic designs that want to emphasize certain part of the room but don’t want to overcrowd it.

Reduce Unpleasant Smells

Ivy plants and many others are known for purifying the air from the smells from pets and chemicals from detergents used in a daily basis like chlorine. Also, some plants like mint and lavender can make your home smell fresh every day.

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