The essence of your home

The essence of your home

When talking about decorating your home, you should never leave aside such important things as the rental price or the net cost of housing.

Or even such transcendental details as the insurance of the property, the space it will occupy, the amount of remodeling that can be done in its interiors, how much it is able to expand, the location, the neighbors, the time it takes to get from work to the house, among many other things.

There are so many details that have to be taken into account, when configuring the home of our dreams, that many times, we forget that in fact, all those details are to see our house from the outside, and not from the inside, and if we do not take the time to take care of those significant qualities of our house, then we would live in an empty shell.

Or worse! In a house with no style, no life, little or no charisma and one that won’t be remembered much when visiting. Even worse, it will not feel cozy, nor plausible for its habitat.

In these cases, you need an interior decoration that reflects the spirit of the person who lives there, and when you do not have the time or money for this, you should always opt for those who know, and that is precisely why we are here, to talk about those who know.


The best interior design companies

Institutions that are dedicated to make your home a… home, so to speak, there are many and with more than proven capabilities to make their work a dream for you, but we believe that these three that we are going to bring you below, are the ones that have all the parchments to meet your needs:

1 Home essentials: The essence of your home

This Spanish company has been dedicated to the rental of furniture and all kinds of paraphernalia for the home for several years.

If your thing is not to stay with fixed objects for ten years, and every so often you like to change the face of your home, beyond a simple coat of paint on the walls, then Home Essentials may be your ideal choice.

This company has an extraordinary blog where you can check out first hand all the styles, designs and categories of furniture you can opt for to decorate your home, whether it’s your living room, bedrooms or kitchen. Home Essentials surely has what you are looking for.

Home Essentials

2 Ikea

Better the bad you know than the good you don’t know, isn’t it? With Ikea we are not going to discover warm water.

This Swedish company, which has been working for more than half a century in the decoration and real estate construction sector, not only offers excellent prices when it comes to assembling the furniture or sofa you are looking for.

It also offers an innovative and very reliable rental service, which a company of its category can have. With a wide range of possibilities to choose what you like and with different types of payments: installments, long term or directly in cash.

Ikea is undoubtedly a possibility that cannot be missed!


3 Local rental stores

Giving a boost to small and medium-sized initiatives close to your home is not a bad idea either. We invite you to take a look around your community and give a taste of the offers that neighborhood businesses may have for you.


And these are the recommendations we give you to beautify your home, which ones convince you the most? Are you ready to build the home of your dreams?

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