The best home storage solutions

The best home storage solutions

Nowadays most people who live in the big cities have to make do with a small house or apartment. Taking into account this limitation, It is important to make the best use of your place’s space. There will be some elements or artifacts that simply will not fit.

You may think that a small house is full of restrictions, but it can also be an opportunity to give free rein to your creativity. So let’s take a look at some of the best storage solutions for your home.

Take advantage of every gap

Do not discard any gap, no matter how small it may seem, you will always find an object or an item of furniture that fits in it. To get the most out of your spaces, first think about what you can store in them and check that it actually fits. It is of little use to place shelves in a gap if nothing fits on it, better to look for an alternative option like a hanger or drawers.

Shelves are the best allies for anyone with a small house. They are cheap and easy to install. You can use it to store or showcase your most precious objects. Try to install it as high as possible. Folding furniture is a very popular option because it is a very good space saver. You can install it in places where regular furniture will not fit.

You also need to have your whole house very tidy in order to take advantage of all the space and make sure that everything fits. If you are very messy, you can start by taking an inventory of your belongings and getting rid of everything you do not really need. Then tidy up your closets, cupboards, and any other storage furniture.

Some tricks for each space in your house

In your living room, you can always install shelves or a library in the space between two pillars, or a pillar and a wall. You can also choose a sofa or other furniture with storage space. Stair shelves are a great option for this room. They are very light so you can relocate them if necessary. In addition, by having shelves with different depths, they make more efficient use of space. You can make one yourself or buy it.

By being tidy you can save some room in your closets and bedroom. You can also In addition to the typical chest, or drawers for the bed, consider making a structure with drawers to make better use of the space under the bed.

In the kitchen you can use the spaces between furniture, any narrow space can be used to store a chopping board or trays. In the bathroom, you can install a shelf over the toilet tank or a custom-made piece of furniture under the bathtub.

These are just some ideas for you to take advantage of all the free space in your place. If you need extra furniture you can buy it or even better rent it.

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