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Nowadays, there is an epidemic of cheap furniture. Most young people today do not have the purchasing power they did smoem years ago, so this type of inexpensive furniture is a great choice, because it is functional and of relatively good quality considering the price. However, this kind of furniture is easily damaged and you probably will need to replace it in a few years.

Solid wood furniture can be the best alternative and an investment for the future. However, the strength of the furniture will always depend on the tree the wood comes from. Let’s take a look at some kinds of solid wood and their characteristics.

Kinds of solid wood

According to their use, woods are classified as softwoods and hardwoods. This classification is not determined by their quality or resistance but by the ease with which they can be worked and the botanic structure of the wood.

Pine is a softwood used for furniture. Its color ranges from orange-yellow to light brown. It is light and easy to work with. It has knots that can cause it to crack, so it is not recommended for outdoor use. Ash is whitish or cream and pink. It is a very elastic wood and can be steam bent very easily to make curved articles.

Hardwoods are generally more resistant, more expensive, and more complicated to work with. Among them are beech, walnut, ash, and cherry: all of them are raw materials for quality furniture.  Furniture is also made of others such as oak, olive, chestnut, and elm, and even smoked oak.

Beechwood is extremely hard and very rich in oils. The most commonly used species are European and American. European beech ranges from orange-white to pinkish and is mainly used for curved furniture.

Cherry wood is a very hard and heavy wood, it goes from pale pink to brown. It suffers color alterations with time. It has a fine finish and straight grain and is very decorative. It is widely used in high-quality joinery, chairs, paneling, doors, and furniture.


Benefits of solid wood furniture

Good furniture is made to last. This is its best quality, you will invest in pieces that, with the proper care, can last for generations. Solid wood furniture such as oak or teak is very durable and adds a special touch of elegance to the decor of a high-end home.

Another benefit of solid wood furniture is its timeless look and appeal. Far from being trend followers, those who choose this type of piece are sending a clear message that they value timeless quality over temporary fashion

Many low-quality pieces of furniture are similar to each other. This is because their basic pieces are simple and easy to produce when manufactured in bulk. With high-end furniture, you are assured of never finding exactly the same piece. You acquire a unique product.

This is why it is very important to take your time and to choose with your best criteria. The process of choosing the perfect item furniture can be complex, since it is an investment for the future, but it iks an investment worth making, both for you and for the planet.

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