Rent the furniture; cost savings, improving Sustainability.

save by renting furniture

In the same way that we rent a home, we can rent furniture, appliances, accessories, kitchenware, etc. necessary so that our stay in our new and sometimes temporary home is as comfortable and comfortable as possible.

The question in this case is very clear.

Is it profitable to rent the furniture in my home?

The answer is more, of course Yes.

furniture and appliances for rent

Whether it is to furnish and decorate show flats, give a touch to revalue the home we want to rent or to furnish our rented apartment for a more or less long period of time, with this modality we not only avoid making a considerable initial outlay on furniture and equipment for your home, but the advantages they offer you are very numerous.

This new method of renting furniture allows us not only to choose the type of furniture we want for our home based on its style, but also to choose the period for which we want to rent them, they can be from short rental periods of only a few weeks or a month, up to long periods of more than 12 months. In addition, they oversee bringing them, assembling them, and leaving everything ready to enjoy our home with all the comforts and saving not only in costs but also in time.

With the furniture rental, you can choose from renting only a piece of furniture or appliance that you need, to renting the complete pack that would not only include the furniture, but also appliances, decoration, kitchenware, and everything you need, or as many calls it, Key Service in Mano, Ready to move in and enjoy your home!

Once the rental period is over, it is as easy as agreeing with them about the collections and, just as in the delivery, they oversee dismantling them and taking them with them, fast, easy and efficient.


But these are not only its advantages, renting furniture is a most effective solution to achieve an efficient use of material resources, since all furniture in good condition can be used by different people, with this we extend the useful life of each furniture and we avoid that on many occasions a large part of the furniture that we acquire has to be discarded with little use. Do not hesitate to bet on the reuse of furniture and contribute to the environment.

Therefore, renting the furniture for your home can not only reduce costs and time, but can also be the most sustainable and environmentally responsible option.

Enjoy your new home furnished to your liking, with everything you need so that your stay, whether for a short period of time or a long-term stay, is comfortable, with all the equipment you may need and without the need to invest a lot of time, neither initial disbursements, nor headaches and reducing the impact on the environment.


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Home Essentials is a company located in Madrid that has been offering these services for the rental of furniture, appliances, and equipment for homes for more than 30 years.

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