Minimalist living room

minimalist living room furniture rental

The minimalist style focuses on the essentials, without furniture or decorative ornaments that have no specific and useful use. The decoration will go through the presence of selected tones and materials chosen to elevate a practical and not overloaded style.

This style has become famous because it is ideal for small spaces and results in a clean and calm space without being boring. Minimalism can achieve calmer, more livable environments. By following some simple tips you can have a minimalist living room.

Minimalist living room furniture and accessories

The first tip to keep in mind to create a minimalist design is to go to the essentials. So do not overload the space by accumulating a lot of furniture. The sofa should be the protagonist and should be accompanied by some chairs and a coffee table. You should always choose sober and simple designs.

However, to achieve an interesting environment, you can add other elements, but they do not have to stand out too much. Always keep in mind that in this style less is more. So the fewer things you have in the living room, whether furniture, wall or table decorations, papers, magazines, and anything else that is not essential or creates a sense of clutter, should be discarded.

If you want to add mirrors, hanging mirrors are not very common in this style. Every day more and more mirrors as tall as a person are applied, leaning on the floor and the wall, with an interesting wooden frame. This combination gives a lot of character to the space.

Colors in minimalist living room

As with the furniture, we must choose discreet and sober colors, such as neutral colors. Among them are black, white, gray, ecru, beige, and dark gray, they are colors of timeless elegance.

White is the color of choice when painting the walls. Shelves, cabinets, and supports for the TV, in a dark wood, if possible. In the case of using light wood, you can bet on a pastel tone for the wall.

Some of the bright and flashy colors can be incorporated to enhance the whole, such as red, indigo blue, or violet, but in small details. The idea is to achieve a living room with fewer accessories, such as functional decorative elements that are actually used in everyday life. Thus, the colors serve to highlight these elements with sobriety and elegance.

Lighting in minimalist living rooms

Like the whole ensemble, the luminaire should be discreet and refined. The living room with a minimalist design should opt for structured furniture and accessories preferably with straight and clean lines.

In a space with so few parts, every element counts, especially the light. Making natural light protagonists through large windows and warm lighting for the hours of darkness become fundamental pillars in this type of decoration, as they recreate more harmonious and ideal spaces for our well-being while allowing us to enjoy a greater visualization of each of the details that give life to our spaces.

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