Ideas to separate rooms without building work

Ideas to separate rooms without building work

You can make better use of the space or obtain more privacy by separating rooms. There are several to separate spaces, no matter how big or small your spaces are. The idea is to adapt them depending on your needs at any given time. The most direct and definitive way is to put a wall to physically separate the space. However, this would involve spending more time and money.

If you want a temporary or permanent way to separate your spaces either visually or physically, you can do it without doing building work. Room dividers are ways to get the job done efficiently and without spending a fortune, let’s look at some of them.

Using glass to separate rooms

Glass walls separate any space with all the advantages that glass has. Its transparency lets tons of light in and gives a unique elegance to any space. The spaces will be separated physically but visually they will feel united. For this reason, a glass wall is used in spaces where it is necessary to isolate two areas without losing lighting. They provide physical and acoustic insulation, spaciousness, and an all-around view.

Glass dividers can be used to separate the kitchen from the dining room, especially if you do not have too much space because even when it separates physically, and isolates odors, visually it does not take away space.  They can be expensive, if your budget is limited, there are other equally convenient and useful but cheaper options.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are very useful because they can join or separate spaces when necessary. In addition to not leaving corners unused. They are a perfect resource to create open spaces that minimize the passage areas and allow to communicate or separate two adjoining rooms depending on the occasion.

Sliding doors come in a great variety of models, finishes, materials, and prices.  They are a decorative, practical solution. You can adapt them depending on what you need, allowing or avoiding communication between spaces.

Cabinet, bookcase, or curtains

Room dividers can also be functional. A cabinet will have a double utility. It will visually separate and distribute the space and will also be a storage module. If you do not take it up to the ceiling, the light will flow more freely through the house, without leaving totally dark corners.

A bookcase is a piece of furniture that will separate areas, store books, and decorate all at the same time. If you choose one in the same color as the walls, it will be lighter, while if you opt for another tone, it will stand out as a separating element. You can also use another piece of furniture like a sofa to separate spaces.

Curtains, at a given moment, can function as dividing elements, especially in lofts and open spaces. They are a very flexible option since you can choose them in light fabrics, such as linen, for fresh air, or velvet in elegant colors for a heavier, and more theatrical effect.

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