Ideas for decorating with mirrors, where and how to put them

Ideas for decorating with mirrors, where and how to put them

Mirrors are an atemporal, useful, and very decorative element. They increase the sensation of depth and luminosity in the environment. They can attract attention and be the defining element of a room.

Choosing the right location is just as important as choosing a beautiful mirror. They can be so much more than a decorative object, so here are some ideas and tips to get the best of them.

Use mirror to your advantage

According to your needs, you can locate a mirror in any place and use its advantage. You can put a mirror in a dark, small room to increase the lighting and the feeling of spaciousness. You can put it in a special place like the fireplace mantel to make it the focus of attention.

It is also interesting to play with the mirror’s ability to reflect images. You can turn it into a window that shows the landscape and enhances the light. If you put it on a wall, you can generate a sense of continuity in the spaces.

In a bedroom, you generally put the mirrors over the dressing table or standing near the closet. You can choose a mirror with an interesting shape and put it over the headboard or the night table to give it a twist.

How to decorate with a large mirror

Using a large mirror that reaches the floor can add elegance and presence to any room. A bedroom or the living room can be good places to install one. It will undoubtedly become the center of attention.

If you want to give it a modern touch, lean it on the wall, instead of hanging it. This will give a much more interesting and trendy effect.

Choose a bold, interesting piece

If you use only one mirror it is important to choose a piece with personality and a unique shape that becomes the center of attention. Take into account the style of the house, so that the mirror does not clash with the rest of the decoration. Vintage or design mirrors can be the star of any room. Remember, it does not have to be only useful but also decorative.

Round mirrors are in trend now. Put one of them in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room and give a touch of modernity to your spaces.

Mirrors in unexpected places

Putting a mirror where it is not customary to do so can be a great decorative feature. A mirror in the study or the kitchen will have a more ornamental than a functional goal. Choose a special design that stands out but combined with the general decoration of the room.

You can choose a wall and collect them. Put different mirrors of different sizes but with a common feature like shape, style, or color. Do not forget the classic mirrored furniture that well combined can give a touch of elegance to any room. If you do not know how they will look in a room you can rent them and try different styles.

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