Furniture to create a good space to telework

The perfect furniture to create a good space to telework

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic teleworking is more common than ever. During the obligatory quarantine, People find out it is a good alternative to traditional work, so there are more and more people who prefer working from home.

Most people think that working from home means that you can work sitting on your couch or laying on your bed. It is nothing like it, in order to be productive a proper workstation is mandatory. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to furnish your perfect space to telework.

Find the perfect location at home

Maybe you have a space you already used as an office, an empty room, or even a basement to arrange your workstation. However, you may not have a proper room to do it. In this case, you have to be creative. Some people use the kitchen or dining table as their office space, but this implies that you need to stop every meal. We help you find the perfect furniture to create a good space to telework

If you do not want to be interrupted in every meal, you may use an empty corner in a large room, a big and empty closet, or even under the stairs. You do not need a huge space to install your office. However, it must be a comfortable, well-lighted space.

Choose a comfortable chair

A good, comfortable chair is vital in any workstation. You will probably spend good money if you want a proper chair. The idea is to be comfortable and to be more productive.

The chair should be wide to allow freedom of movement. It should be adjustable in height and the backrest, it should be ergonomic and high enough to support the entire back, especially the lower back. It is better if it has a mechanism for adjusting the seat and backrest inclination.

It is highly recommendable that the chair has armrests and headrests, the latter allows the vertebrae in the dorsal area to rest. Remember the selection of a chair cannot be merely esthetical but functional, you should select one that is comfortable and made of resistible, easy-to-clean materials.

Choose and big enough table

The table should be big enough to have all you need at hand and you must be able to place your computer screen 55 cm (22 in) from your eyes. To meet these requirements the table must measure at least 120 x 60 cm (47 x 24 in).

The ideal height for the table depends on the user. Generally, a table height between 68 and 76 cm (27- 30 in) is ideal. Choose tables made of materials with clear or opaque finishes, avoid any reflective materials. The table must be stable and have enough room for your legs to move freely.

Because teleworking is more common than ever, With these two pieces of furniture, you have what you need to have the perfect furniture to create a good space to telework. A good chair can be expensive so you can rent it while you have the money to buy a definitive one.

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