• With Home Essentials, ANY home can be a furnished home, for as long as you need and with what you need.
  • Choosing to rent your furniture, appliances and household equipment through Home Essentials means quite simply that ANY home can be a FURNISHED HOME. This sounds obvious, but it means that your options when it comes to selecting a home are greatly increased, especially in Madrid where there is a significant shortage of ready-furnished homes to rent.
  • Renting the furniture, YOU choose exactly what furniture to put in your new home, rather than having to make do with what the landlord provides.
  • With Home Essentials, you can move in on day 1, and live comfortably until your shipment arrives.
  • We can supply everything you need to live in your new home until your own furniture arrives: furniture, appliances, household equipment, bed linens, kitchen ware. It´s much less expensive and more comfortable than staying in a hotel.

  • For shorter stays in Spain, renting the furniture will be better value than buying the equivalent furniture, and so much easier to organize.
  • For longer stays, we want your business, and our aim is to compete with any purchase option. Talk to us and let’s find an option that works for both parties!
  • Plus, if you rent the furniture, you don´t have to worry about what to do with it when you leave: if you have bought it you will have the problem of trying to sell it when you leave (which is difficult in Spain), or the expense of shipping it to your next destination.
  • Renting the furniture is usually much less expensive than shipping your furniture to Spain.
  • Plus it removes all those worries generated by shipping: will my furniture fit? How much do I need to take? Will it be suitable? Will the appliances work? Will it be damaged in transit?

  •  We can offer different types of furniture, both new and previously rented, at different prices to suit your budget. Tell us what you need and what budget you have, and we will do our best to find a solution.
  •  No maximum, no minimum duration of the rental. You rent for as long or as short as you need. If your time here is cut short early, then you just return the furniture early; and if your time is extended, then it is no problem to extend the rental.
  •  No maximum or minimum of items. We rent what you need, whether it’s just a bed, or whether it’s a complete home (or 10….)
  •  We rent to all. We can rent to private customers, to companies, to realtors, and, importantly, to landlords. Renting to the landlord means that you can have a single, all-in price for your furnished apartment, making things that much easier.
  •  Change your furniture. We know circumstances change. If you need to add, return or exchange items during your rental, you can do that.
  • Easy selection. You can select in person, or we can do it for you. You don’t even have to be in Spain.
  • Delivery, installation and pick up. We do it all. We have our own in-house delivery team who are efficient and polite, and will ensure it all goes smoothly.
  • Maintenance. Whilst you are renting, we take care of routine maintenance, and if something goes wrong we will fix it. All part of the service.
  •  If you rent the furniture, appliances and household equipment, (whether short term whilst you wait for your shipment, or longer term) we aim to deliver all items together on the day you want. This means that you can move into your new home straight away, saving money, and increasing comfort for you and your family
  • Renting the furniture means there is a monthly invoice, which means that the overall cost is spread over the duration of your time here. No need for large purchases when you first arrive.
  • For companies, the VAT can be reclaimed and the total is normally tax deductible.

  • We have been furnishing homes in Spain since 1988. Until 2005 we were the Spanish owned company “Las Trebedes”; in 2005 Home Essentials, an American multinational that rents and sells furniture around the world, bought us. We have been in the business a long time, and have the support of a Multinational behind us!
  • The combination of Spanish and American means that we know what customers want when it comes to service. We are not selling a product – we are providing a service, and we pride ourselves on our Excellent Customer Service.

  •  We are available to help. If you write to, your mail will normally be read within a few minutes during the working day, and we will get back to you within 1 working day. Guaranteed. 
  • Or call us on +34 91 659 1503 between 9.30 and 5.30 (Spanish time) Monday to Friday and you will speak to a real person.


There is no maximum or minimum rental period. You can rent a bed for a weekend, or you can furnish 100 corporate apartments indefinitely, or anything in between. Obviously the cost varies depending on the duration and the quantity, but you choose the duration.

We are delighted to work with (almost!) all clients. That includes Spanish and foreign companies, and Spanish and foreign individuals.

We offer our service throughout Spain and Portugal, although the large majority of our business is in Madrid. Our warehouse is in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid) which means that any delivery departs from here. If you need us to deliver and install the furniture (and pick it up after the rental) we have to calculate the transport costs for at least 2 trips. Depending on how far from Madrid is your home, this can significantly increase the rental cost delivery.

Typically we rent by months, and we will usually provide a monthly cost. However, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, so if you know in advance that you need to rent by days or weeks, just let us know and we will work something out. Similarly, if you know in advance that you want to rent for various years, talk to us, because we have the flexibility to design a rental package that will be win-win.

We specialize in renting items for the home. We do not rent specifically for Offices or for Trade Fairs or for Weddings. Our motto is that, if you rent from Home Essentials, you can go direct from the airport to your new home, and we will have installed everything you might need: the furniture, household accessories, large and small appliances, kitchen equipment and tableware, even the bed linens and bath towels.
So, for our many clients from Multimedia or Events companies, ask yourself if what you need would normally be found in a home. If the answer is YES, then we probably have it to rent; if NO, then probably not.

This depends on your circumstances. You have the option of visiting our showroom in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid) to see our full range and make your selection in person. But it is not essential to select in person: if that does not suit you (you are abroad for example), we will discuss your preferences with you, and we will make the selection for you from our stock.

Although not Interior Designers, our Customer Service team has over 25 years of experience between them of furnishing homes attractively yet practically, and we will work with you throughout the process, to deliver the best product at a fair cost. Free of charge, we want to discuss your needs with you, and we like to visit the home before you commit yourself, so we can take measurements, assess spaces and access, and get a feel for what furniture will work. This allows us to give you the best advice, ensuring that the project is a success.

You can see a selection of the furniture on this web page, or you can visit our showroom in person to see the full range. If you want to come in person, and to ensure that one of our (always busy!) Customer Services Team is available to look after you, it’s better if you contact us in advance to make an appointment.

  • We offer various lines of brand new furniture, shown in our web page, which we aim to have in stock for immediate delivery. Bear in mind that new furniture is only new once, so we do have a policy that the new furniture is only available for rentals of 4 months or more. 
  • However, we also have a very wide selection of previously rented items available, of many different styles, which allows you to design a package more competitively.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of items that you must rent. If you only want to rent a bed or a TV, that’s fine by us, and if you want to fully furnish 20 homes that’s fine too (slightly finer actually, for us….).

We have about 20,000 items of furniture on our inventory, so what we show on our web is only a very small selection of what we have available. We are delivering and picking up furniture almost every day, so our stock changes continually. Any catalogue, whether real or virtual, would be out of date before we sent it, so for this reason we do not have one to send you.

There are no prices on the web because the final cost will vary depending on your circumstances and budget. Although of course there are similarities between clients, we really try to treat each case as different, because every home is different, and every client feels unique. If you contact us, we will send an approximate quote within one working day, but please give us the chance to better understand your needs, and tailor a package to those needs. Our aim is to never lose a client because of the cost.

We are always delighted when a customer wants to buy one of our rental items, because it means they really like it! If you know from the beginning that, when the rental ends, you will want to keep some or all of what you’re renting, let us know and we will come to a (written) agreement from the start. However, your circumstances can change during a rental: if that is the case, and you want to buy items you are already renting, get in touch and we will reach an agreement.

  • Of course – that’s part of making things easy for you! We have our own experienced delivery team who will deliver and install all the items you rent (including appliances), and leave the home neat and tidy afterwards. There is usually a small additional charge for this service, depending on your address and the access and the amount of items you are renting.
  • Alternatively you can make your own arrangements to pick up the items from our warehouse where we will have them prepared and waiting.

Our normal window to start deliveries and pickups is from 1000 to 1630, Monday to Friday. Outside these times, there may be an additional cost, to cover our additional expenses. (This is because we believe in treating our delivery team well and paying them extra when they work overtime!)

There is no guaranteed minimum or maximum time, as it depends so much on how big is your delivery, our workload, the time of year, plus (let’s be honest…!) how efficiently the client provides what we need from them to confirm the delivery. Sometimes we can deliver from one day to the next, but more normally it would be 3-4 working days and in high season (June – September) and at the beginning/end of each month, it could be longer. Although we will always do what we can, we always recommend to plan ahead to avoid delays.

We try to keep things simple. We will always require your full details and a copy of your ID document when you accept in writing the proposal. For rentals of more than a few months, we will need you to sign a direct debit authorization, and a simple rental contract. On rare occasions we will ask for a copy of the home rental contract, and on very rare occasions we will ask for a bank guarantee. Plus we will need you to pay!

  • Before we make the first delivery, for new customers, we will require you to make initial payment in full and in advance. You can pay by bank transfer, or in cash, but (for now) you can only pay by credit card in person at our show room.
  • For ongoing rentals, if your rental is for more than a couple of months, we will ask you to pay by direct debit, monthly, from a Spanish bank account. This is the easiest option for all.

For medium and long term rentals, we normally ask for a 1 or 2 month deposit. This deposit is to cover the possibility of loss or clear damage to the rental items. We will never charge you from your deposit for normal wear and tear, or repairing defects in the rented items, or for routine maintenance. We are pleased to say, after nearly 30 years in business, that it is rare that we do not refund the deposit in full.

Between us, our aim is to get the delivery 100% right, so that you receive exactly what you need, not more and not less. However, we understand that on occasions, you may need to make changes on or after delivery, and we will work with you to get things just how you want them. You are always welcome to add items if you need them, and we will deliver them as soon as possible. If you return items, that’s not a problem, but depending on our agreement, there may be a small penalty for early return.

This is rare but can happen, even when the client has selected it in person. We will work with you to exchange it for something that you like, because we want you to be happy. If an item is in any way faulty, we will of course exchange it, no questions asked.

This depends on the circumstances of the damage. If something breaks, or stops working, through normal wear and tear, then that is covered by our maintenance, free of charge, and we will repair or replace as soon as possible. If something is damaged by fire or flood, or is stolen, then that is covered by the insurance that is included in the rental cost. The only time that you may be liable to pay repair/replacement costs is if the damage/breakage is clearly through misuse.

When your agreed term finishes, you don’t have to do anything, as the rental is automatically extendable and will roll on. However, if you realize that you will require the rental for much longer than initially agreed, then we encourage you to get in touch to discuss, because, if you are willing to commit to more time, then we can probably renegotiate the monthly costs.

If you see that you need to return some or all of your rental before you complete the agreed time, then we would need to study the circumstances. We may need to recalculate the rental based on the real time, and you would need to pay the difference. It’s only fair to us that, for example, if you are benefitting from a reduced rental cost based on a 2 year commitment, and you have to cancel after 6 months, then you would need to pay the difference.

When you know that you need us to collect the furniture just get in touch and we will organize. We will always try to respond as soon as possible, but give us as much notice as possible, especially at busy times. In particular, when your shipment is arriving and you have temporary rental furniture, we need to liaise closely to schedule the pick-up date to avoid delays.

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