Furniture rental in Spain

Furniture rental in Spain

Little by little over the years the rental society has become a reality. Surely this is not the first time we hear it, we live in a consumer world where we can have everything without owning anything. Several furniture rental companies have arrived in Spain to offer their services

Furniture rental is a trend that is gaining more and more popularity as it is a convenient option for many people. Furniture rental companies offer high-quality pieces for a fraction of the price. You can have all the furniture you need and pick the pieces or package that adapts to your particular needs.

How does furniture rental work?

The process is very simple. You choose from a catalog the furniture you want to dress up your living room, dining room, bedroom, office, or garden. In seven days you have it at home and, when the subscription period is over, you decide if you want to buy it, return it or extend the contract.

There are more and more online options for renting furniture. They all offer another option for people looking for a simple and economical alternative to avoid the costly expense of furnishing a house, the stress of moving and relocation, or the disadvantage of using furniture chosen by people with different tastes.

In Spain, depending on the rental company and the piece of furniture you choose, prices can range from 5 to 50€ (euros) per piece. A good sofa can cost 27€ per month, an armchair 8€ and a carved wooden dining table 48€.

This trend of renting instead of buying is very common, especially among young people. It is becoming more and more difficult to buy a house due to the high prices of the real estate market, so most of them prefer to rent and have mobility without compromises.

As people do not know how much time they will spend in a house, a large investment in furniture can be a risky decision. Chances are that your acquisitions will not fit in other properties. The furniture can be too big, or the colors do not match the new decoration, not to mention that you can get tired quickly of the same decoration.

To this point, renting becomes a more convenient solution. Let’s take a look at some advantages of renting furniture.

Advantages of renting furniture

Renting your furniture has many advantages. The first one is the possibility of having all the furniture for your house, plus you can choose exactly what you need, without having to adapt to what the owner has left in the house. It is also cheaper than buying it new.

Some people buy cheap disposable furniture, the problem is that kind of furniture is very polluting because most of them end up in the garbage very quickly. Rented furniture is of very high quality and helps the circular economy by extending the lifetime of the furniture.

Renting can be more convenient, eco-friendly, and cheaper than buying furniture, this is why it is a trend that has come to Spain to stay.

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