Furnishing the house you cannot rent out

Furnishing the house you cannot rent out

First impressions matter, especially when renting or selling a house. Most people decide to buy a house in the first 90 seconds. So having a good set of furniture can be very helpful. Most people underestimate the importance of having a good set of furniture when showing a house.

According to your needs and budget, you can rent furniture to stage the property and attract more potential tenants or buy them to increase the rent costs. Furnished rentals are very popular among young couples, college students, and young singles. There are some tips you can follow when furnishing a rental house or apartment.

Tips for furnishing the house you want to rent

First of all, you need to know that in order to attract more potential buyers, the less customized the house furnishing is the better. The house must have a neutral style, attractive to anyone. Also, you cannot overcrowd rooms or leave them empty. You can rent all the pieces of furniture you may need to give that neutral and attractive look to your house and rent it as soon as possible.

A well-lighted place will attract more potential tenants. So try to put different light sources to give the room life and some variety like a floor, ceiling, or table lamp. It is also important to repair or change any damaged plug or light bulb. Mirrors are also great because they make rooms look bigger and brighter.

It can be a good investment to buy or renovate the furniture to give a plus to the house. It will also depend on the tenant’s preferences. Some of them may want an empty house to put their own furniture or just arrive and have all the rooms furnished. No matter if you want to rent or sell a house, furnishing will always be a good idea.

Pros and cons of furnishing a rental house

The first advantage of furnishing a rental home is monetary. You can charge more for a furnished place. The property can also be more attractive for tenants if they saw it furnished. It is easy for them to visualize what living in the place will be like.

However, it is important to keep the household furnishing in perfect condition. It is not the same as renting an empty house or with deteriorated furniture as renting a house with comfortable couches, sofas, and a good dining table and chairs.

Even when tenants are responsible for any damage the furniture suffers, and it will be deducted from the security deposit, you should repair or replace the furniture from time to time, otherwise it does not make much sense to have the property furnished.

Buying or renting furniture can be a great investment for getting tenants or increasing the price of the rent. However, in the end, the decision will be up to you and what you want from the property and what kind of tenants you want to inhabit in it.

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