Feng Shui: how to apply it in decoration

It is true that just imagining it could seem that applying Feng Shui in decoration is something very complicated to do. But the reality is that if you dare to do it, you can contribute to creating a positive and harmonious atmosphere in your home.

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy with origin in Taoism that is based on consciously occupying space, with the purpose of positively influencing the people who are occupying it.

The way you choose to apply the principles of Feng Shui decoration to your home will depend a lot on the size of the space you have and how much you want to adhere to the rules. What really matters is deciding what applies to both you and your space.

Principles of Feng Shui

Pay close attention to the area where you place the most important focus, such as a bed that is in a room or a desk that is located in an office. Applying Feng Shui, you would have to apply it in a place in the room that is away from the entrance and does not line up with it. The ideal is to apply it in the places where you spend most of the time, either in the bedroom, offices, living areas or dining rooms. Do not forget that things must be supported by a support, such as a wall for example.

Feng Shui also promotes decoration through plants, flowers, and other things in nature. Remember that plants are synonymous with vital energy, so if you make an effort to have them in your home, you can count on enjoying it in your home. You can include the elements such as earth, wood, fire, water and metal, using furniture that has been made with these materials.

If you want to promote clarity and precision, we recommend that you include metallic things in the decoration. If what you are looking for is motivation, make sure that the fire is present. If you want stability and wisdom, the element of water is ideal for that. Wood is indicated to promote vital energy anywhere. You just have to balance what you really need in your life and add a little more of that element in your decoration, but we will always recommend that you try to balance the five elements.

One of the pillars of Feng Chui maintains that energy mainly enters through the door of the house, and this is very important to give a tone to the home itself. To promote the free flow of energy, there should be no blockage at the entrance, so it is necessary to order and cut the entrances, corridors, doors, as well as to preserve the minimalist design in the interior space of the house.

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