Different styles of terraces

Different styles of terraces

There are countless styles to decorate terraces, ranging from the most general, to the most extravagant, which it should be noted each one can vary according to the customization that is given, and this will depend on the tastes of each person.


Minimalist terrace

This style is strongly characterized by having very few details in terms of furniture, decorations and color.

These are usually white and are very open without many distractions in terms of arrangements, inviting people to enjoy the free space and the landscape that surrounds it, to give that feeling of protagonist to the environment.


Colonial terrace

This styling is normally used by people who have a green area, provided with decorative plants and even plantings; to have a more direct connection to the garden.

These can be covered or partially covered, which helps ventilation and are usually decorated with wooden arrangements in rustic finishes and in combination with flowers and natural ferns.


Oriental terrace

As an illuminated and striking colorful style, you will find the presence in arrangements with this culture.

These are arranged with solar lamps cast metal with striking shapes to provide beautiful figures with the light it emits. Among the most common decorations that can be found are bonsai, water fountain, basket and, last but not least, the figure of a Buddha.


Mediterranean terrace

As an almost essential requirement the blue color is starring in this style, as it happens in the most representative villages of the Mediterranean. In addition to white walls to contrast with blue, you can also get ornaments in wood and plants.


Types of terraces

Architecturally speaking, there are different types of terraces and these can vary according to their shape, as the simplest and easiest to adapt to almost any space is the flat terrace.

But, if you want to create convex areas and play with aesthetics, you may do better with the curved terrace.

On the other hand, we have the skirt-like terrace that are provided with ceilings with grooves to prevent almost entirely the presence of the sun.

If on the other hand you want to allow the passage of sunlight partially, to create naturally illuminated spaces are the pergola-type terraces, which are designed with slightly larger grooves and are special for times of sun.


How to choose the terrace style?

With the passing of time the styles are changing with the fashion of each moment, that is why wehave mentioned the characteristics can varya lot, as desired, but generally the terraces are wider than the balconies and just as they exist in the open sky, there are also partially roofed terraces.

Since these are places of recreation, usually used for family gatherings, training, eating or simply for sunbathing, in addition to any other possibility that this large space can offer. They are notes to take into account when choosing a perfect style for your terrace.

Do you like different styles of terraces? Then choose the ideal one for your home now.

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