Decoration of Small Houses

The decoration of small houses or apartments can be a hassle since these can fell very cramped if you put too many things in them. But there’s no need to worry: there are plenty of tricks to make your friends and family feel comfortable that and show you have taste.


You need to keep the floor clear of little objects as much as possible. If you need more storage space, find it by adding some cabinets under the bed or wall mounting some shelves.

The rug is the one thing that you need to keep as big as you can, since a small rug will make the room feel even more cramped than it already is.



Heavy usage of mirrors instead of art will give a sense of amplitude, and will look like there’s double the space.  Use a mirror wall on the end of a hallway.   As mentioned before shelves can be used as a place to hold objects, but don’t cram everything onto them.

Don’t be afraid to use bold colours that break the colour palette. Keep in mind that the use of woodwork on walls that matches the style or tone of the room will make it look bigger and more cohesive.

As a matter of fact, when talking about cohesive spaces, using enclosed spaces will actually make the space look bigger. For example, a crystal or mirror door that divides two parts of the house or apartment will continue the sightline and be more pleasing to the eye.

Other way to do this is by adding sliding doors that open onto small rooms or by adding curtains at the beginning of a hallway.



Folding furniture, like wall desks or even the bed (or a sofa bed), will let you have more versatility to move things around and adapt when you are alone or having visitors. Use furnishings that add more storage space, like double decked tables or beds with built-in storage.



Since small living spaces often have less (or no!) windows, you will need to replicate natural light with plenty of lighting.

If you have a panoramic window view, leave the curtains open, but keep them, because if you hang a very big curtain directly from the ceiling and it reaches the floor, it will look like there is more vertical space.


Kitchen and Bathroom

Since these are the smallest places in most houses, opt for having your kitchen open and use it as a bar, that way you don’t have to separate the kitchen and the dining table, since just chairs and/or stools will be sufficient.

Or, you could do away with a dining area, and just eat in front of the tv as so may people do now in all homes.


The bathroom on the other hand can gain visual space by having tiles all the way from the floor to the ceiling.  Also, a mirrored wall as mentioned before is a must.


We hope these tips will give you some ideas and help you to ensure that a small living space doesn´t have to be a cramped living space!


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