7 Benefits of renting furniture (and why you should consider it)

advantages of renting furniture

Why should you consider renting furniture? What´s in it for you? Find out all about it in this article, and decide for yourself if you want to save a lot of money and stress when relocating to Spain.

advantages of renting furniture

1) Renting furniture makes relocating a breeze

Whether you´re arriving or departing, renting furniture means less hassle. As soon as you arrive in your new apartment after selecting the furniture you want everything will be done for you, not by you.

Your rental company will deliver and assemble your furniture for you.

Furtermore when you´re departing there´s no need to worry about taking your furniture with you, because it will be dismantled, packed and picked up. If you wish to move your rented furniture with you it will be shipped and assembled again.

advantages of renting furniture

2) Renting furniture is very cost effective

Renting furniture is very cost effective and flexible. Instead of investing thousands into shipping or buying furniture you can simply rent your furniture for a period you decide. Usualy between one month and two years.

Depending on the duration of the lease plan, you seldom end up paying more than purchasing the furniture.

advantages of renting furniture

3) Freedom to furnish

Buying furniture is very costly. This means that many buyers tend to limit themselves in order to keep the costs under control.

By paying montly commitment free installations suddenly a lot more furniture becomes possible within your budget.

advantages of renting furniture

4) Unmatched flexibility

There are many reasons that might change your requirements in regards to your furniture.

For example by extending your family you´ll need furniture for your baby. And ofcourse when your child grows you´ll need to change your furniture accordingly.

Or maybe your teens are leaving the house in order to start studying. Instead of buying and selling with every little change you just let your rental company know and they will take care of the required changes.

advantages of renting furniture

5) Renting furniture is eco-friendly

Every year millions of tons of discarded furniture are sent to landfills. This causes two big problems.

Firstly most of the materials used to produce furniture are not degradable. This means choking landfills and leaving toxic rests in the soil.

Secondly, a lot of furniture is thrown away before the end of their intended lifespan. Especially nowadays, with a lot of attention for the circular economy and paying attention to preserve the environment. This leads to too much demand and results in unneccesary pollution and material extraction.

advantages of renting furniture

6) No assembly required

When you buy furniture you end paying a fee for assembly or assembling the furniture yourself. While some people don´t mind putting in the work many people find the proces rather frustrating.

Did you know many couples have fierce arguments when trying to assemble furniture? Save yourself the hassle and rent your furniture

advantages of renting furniture

7) Eliminate stress

Relocating by itself is already stressful enough. That´s why renting your furniture is such a convenience. It elimates stress by liberating from worrying about buying or moving furniture. Beside being very costly there´s quite a possibility that you damage your furniture during transport. Don´t worry and be happy by having one problem less when relocating.

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