10 tips to decorate your house by renting furniture

rental furniture

Some wise old man said once that the way you have your environment is the way you have your mind and ideas. In Home Essential they know your space is your temple and requires quality service to be treated as such.

We will share with you 10 secrets, tips, and tricks to decorate your house by renting furniture, to make sure your rented temple fills your expectations.

Define your style

In our experience we have had a great variety of clients, do you like full spaces with lots and lots of decoration? Or you prefer decluttered, simple spaces more on the minimalism side? Make sure you think about that before looking at the catalog.

renting furniture

Define your intention

Do you want to rent furniture to have a party for one night? Or you want to rent furniture to make yourself feel at home for the next three months? Home Essentials offer special packages for people with different intentions and styles.

Consult our specialists

You know, many people don’t know what they want, and there are a lot of options to rent furniture, you can ask Home Essentials! Take your time and try out different options, until you get the one that makes you feel better.

Set the vibe on your space

You know, the furniture is important, but the environment itself, plays an important role, knowing how to combine your furniture with the environment is an art.

renting furniture

Dream it before it happens

Get the picture in your head of all of the ingredients that are going to come to your mix, the sofas, tables, and appliances. Imagine they are already there and feel the emotion, do you like it? No? Ok, how about this one? And so on

Separate the spaces

There are different spaces you want to cover, and it’s not the same furniture for the sofa as for the kitchen. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with different furniture for different spaces.

Choose the places intelligently

Probably you think you don’t like this or that sofa there or not but try to move it before changing it. Probably you like it, but you don’t like it in the place it is, make sure you try all of the options before moving onto something else.

Lights are so important

You probably know that you can completely change the spaces with the correct lighting, which we also offer in Home Essentials. You can rent some lights or even lamps, the natural lighting also counts, although unfortunately, we don’t rent this one.

Accessories are «special sauce»

Varies accessories like libraries, coffee tables, and tapes are the part that will scream your style out loud all around the place. When you choose one from our wide catalog that fits your preferences you will feel a compromise with your space. This is how you learn how to love your home, be one with your environment.

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