Setting up Show Homes is a service we offer …

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Setting up Show Homes is a service we offer above all to Multiple Landlords, Promoters and Realtors who have various properties to sell or to rent.

Everybody knows the importance of having a show home set up, so that potential clients, whether to buy or to rent, can see how the home could be for them.

Home Essentials is the only company that can supply your show home in rental.

The advantages of this are clear:

  • No high initial outlay, as you pay month by month.
  • No lengthy commitment, as you set the expected duration from start. The longer the commitment, the lower the cost.
  • No problems disposing of the furniture when you don´t require it any more.
  • A tax deductible, monthly invoice.

Our show homes are designed to help the client to rent or sell the properties in the shortest time possible, with the minimum effort and outlay. And it works….

And to finish on a high note: if it is a project that will lead to more business for us, the show home could even be free!

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