Rustic style decoration to achieve that relaxed and traditional atmosphere

House decoration can be tricky, you have to find the perfect style for you and your home. If you want a  warm, casual, and cozy style, then rustic is perfect for you. This classic style is not exclusive to cabins or country houses but can be found in urban houses too. Its main characteristics are the use of warm colors and natural materials.

Rustic style is generally used in warm places. However, it is also used in cold places to recreate that warm atmosphere. So, if you want your spaces to have a more relaxed and traditional feel, perfect to rest and disconnect from everything and everyone, follow these simple tips.

Colors from nature

In this style, the colors and tones of wood, earth, and stone are the protagonists. Brown, beige, gray, green, and gold colors are the most used. In rural environments, the rule is to build everything with what you find near your house, so this style is about evoking this tradition in the furniture, and general decoration. Light is also very important. Try to choose big windows that allow as much sunlight as possible.

Natural material

This style is all about being “at one with nature”. Wood, wicker, stone, and ceramic are the most used materials. You can also add some green with plants. For floor and paneling, use wide-plank wood. If you cannot dress the walls with stone or wood, you can paint them white to enhance the wood feature in your spaces, or use earth or neutral tones to maintain that feeling of being in a natural setting.

 A rustic house is incomplete without a fireplace! It gives the house a rural and warm feel. For the fireplace mantel, use natural brick or stone. Wicker or any woven baskets with tree branches or dry eucalyptus add to the style. Fill your spaces with not too colorful plants and flowers. A terrarium with succulents can do the trick.

Wood furniture and natural fabrics

Wood furniture is the hallmark of this style. Best is solid wood, especially maple, oak, cherry, and walnut; also wicker is very much used in exteriors. The furniture is generally simple, with natural finishes, and colors. The furniture must create a handcrafted and traditional vibe. Use only natural fabric for the furniture’s upholstery, like wool, linen, or leather. It is a good idea to rent furniture, that way you can experiment, and try to find the perfect fit for your spaces.

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