Renting furniture will prolong its lifecycle

We all want to live in a home with good quality furniture.

But if we are only going to be somewhere for a short time, how can we ensure that the furniture we are using is of good quality?

Renting your furniture allows precisely that, and at the same time will prolong the furniture´s lifecycle, in a sustainable way.

Is renting furniture a good idea? Let`s analyze these elements.

Why it is important to prolong furniture lifecycle by renting it?

For many, buying furniture has a lot of disadvantages.

If you buy it, you will have to make a significant investment.   However, in the modern world, circumstances can change quickly, and you might not want the piece after a few months.  Fashions change, your work can change, but if you have bought the furniture, you are usually stuck with it.

On the other side, when you rent furniture for your home, there are many advantages:

  • Renting furniture is not only competitive, but, in the modern world, it is also important to know that, by renting, you are prolonging the furniture lifecycle as well. You can choose between having the same furniture for 1 month or for various years, depending on your needs, but in all cases, you know that, when you finish renting, the furniture will be reused. It will not be discarded, ending up in the rubbish dumps, and polluting the environment.
  • Change the furniture according to the kind of look that you want in your home. You can rent high quality furniture without feeling that you will be stuck with it, because you can change it when you want, and know that the furniture will be reused.
  • Nowadays, with shops such as Ikea, so much furniture is “disposable” and as a result, the quality is not good, as it is not designed to last. But you work hard, and you deserve good quality: by renting you can have that good quality, without breaking the bank.
  • Renting furniture not only prolongs it lifecycle, but also is a great choice when you have temporary requirements. It does not matter if you are renting for college students, for employees, or a traditional family, you can always selct the house environment as you wish.

When you buy furniture, if you don`t want a piece of furniture anymore, what can you do? The process of selling used furniture is complicated and frustrating, and you will only recover a small % of your investment. When renting it, you just send an email and the company will pick up the rented furniture.

Renting the furniture, you are making your small contribution to making the world a better place! In Europe, we discard millions of furniture items every year, which further contaminate the environment. Plastic, foam, and other materials can take forever to degrade, and will continue polluting long after you are gone.

On the other hand, when renting furniture, you just use what you need, when you need it, and you discard nothing. You return the furniture, and the company will renew it for a re-rental, and its lifecycle will be extended.

So, in conclusion, as well as saving you money and complications, renting furniture is sustainable. And, as we said at the beginning, it means you can live surrounded by good quality, without having to pay for it.

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