Rent furniture to telework

furniture to telework

Due to the current situation in the world, teleworking (remote work) is becoming more and more frequent. Although there is no doubt that this presents multiple benefits for workers, it also creates the need to rent the furniture you need to condition the work environment in your home.

For this reason, there are companies that are dedicated to the rental of furniture. They can provide you with a list of the equipment you need by email, and they can even prepare a budget for you so that you can make the rental decision that suits you best.

In addition, there are companies that are interested in renting well-furnished flats for periods of at least 6 months and a maximum of 6 years. This happens mostly because it is not convenient for them to bring their own furniture, much less have to buy it. What they want is to have a place that is well equipped and ready to start their work activities.


Furnish your office for teleworking

Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to furnish your offices at zero cost. In fact, we have the furniture ready to proceed with the installation whenever you like. Assuming that you as the owner want to rent your facilities, the tenant can assume the cost of the furniture and we would only have to carry out the installation.

On the other hand, we offer you furniture that can be very useful for you. We have the Filbert chest of drawers that you can combine with a bed, with a study area and with any living room. It is very spacious and of high quality. It comes with three drawers, is compact and very practical, and is made of an engineered wood with a finish.

Also available is the comfortable Felix Couch. Its comfort is unmatched and it has an infinity of alternatives to decorate it. Without a doubt, it is a furniture that both you and your friends will enjoy a lot.

So that you can enjoy your free time we offer you the Pixar TV unit. That in addition to giving your television more security, it gives you a very large space to store basic things related to your entertainment. It is composed of three shelves, two cabinets, and is made of an engineering material.

We put at your disposal the Rowling shelf divider. This has open shelves at the top and very large storage space at the bottom. Here you can keep all your books and anything else collectible that you own. It has a chocolate wood finish, comes with 4 top and 2 bottom shelves, and is equipped with two cabinets for storing items.

At the same time, we put at your disposal the Stuart study table, which allows you to study and work in a focused and organized way. With it you can give a personalized touch to your work and with style, since it has a large table to store your books, your computer, and other basic tools for your work. It is designed with a drawer and a shelf, a rather wide and comfortable table surface.

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