Interior decoration in 2022

interior decoration in 2022

Interior decoration trends are always changing and evolving. Especially now where we were spending more time at home, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period of confinement and quarantine, the house resumed its role as an intimate and safe place to relax and socialize, while at the same time

The increasing use of technology and social media allows us to quickly and easily learn about international trends and styles in interior design and decoration. Vibrant colors, recycled materials, wallpaper with abstract patterns, vintage pieces, and lots of greenery, let’s see what are the trends in interior decoration for 2022.

Interior decoration full of greenery and nature

Nature will be the protagonist in 2022. As we are spending more time at home it is important to maintain the connection between human beings and nature. Natural and organic materials, such as wood floors, stone, daylight, and plants, bring the outdoors and nature in.

If you have enough space you can create a small indoor garden with flowers and shade plants. A soft sofa in front of your indoor garden can provide great comfort for a moment of relaxation in contact with plants. This will be your little corner to unwind from televisions, computers, cell phones, and technology.

The idea is to take advantage of natural light and to use natural materials such as stone, wood, and natural fibers in architectural finishes as well as in objects and furnishings.

Natural materials are becoming more and more popular, and for a good reason, they fit perfectly in our interiors and adapt to any styles. In addition, they bring warmth and comfort.

Materials such as rattan, widely used in the 70’s, are making a comeback in the decoration scene. Jute is another natural and easy to maintain material. Cotton gauze will give your decoration a slightly retro style and an absolute softness.

Another aspect to take into account is the use of eco-friendly materials and handmade artisan elements, which rescue traditions and use them in the current context of modern design.

This trend to use recycled or recyclable materials has led this year to the use of sustainable furniture and textiles made of PET plastic, which is completely recyclable and low polluting.

Colors in 2022 interior decoration

If you want to get closer to nature, green is the color you should use. This color will be a trend this 2022. In many of its shades emerald, olive, lavender, pine, lime and sapphire. Marble and velvet are dressed in this beautiful and sophisticated color that claims the magic of intense blue to dress the house.

Blue and green will continue to be protagonists, however, this time in softer tones that are easier to use.

Sage green will dress our homes with softness and freshness. A perfect neutral color for a child’s bedroom. Periwinkle blue is another color that is gaining a lot of strength is blue with a touch of violet. Sky blue is an airy and positive tone that combined with the other colors can create a vintage-inspired decor.

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