How to decorate rectangular rooms


To decorate any space we have to take into account its shape, and each one implies a different challenge. Most common are rectangular and square rooms. However, decorating and furnishing a rectangular room can be trickier than it seems.

Rectangular rooms are longer than they are wide and, in general, have passage areas. This is why you must optimize the space so that all the necessary furniture can fit in and also leave room for circulation. Let’s take a look at some tips to decorate your rectangular room.

Distribute furniture appropriately in the space

When decorating a rectangular room, just like any other room, it is necessary to make the most of the space. Having an adequate furniture layout is the first step. In a small rectangular living room, with a width of fewer than 4 meters (13 ft), you should distribute the main pieces against the walls to free up space in the center and thus be able to move comfortably.

If it is not possible to distribute all the furniture on both sides of the room to create a corridor through which you can move freely. You should create a layout in which the route crosses the room forming an X. Although it will not be as fluid, you will be able to move around with some comfort. In case you need to place coffee tables next to the sofa or the rest of the seats, you should place them about 15 cm (5.9 in) away from the arms of the sofa or the rest of the seats.

In a big rectangular dining room, it is recommended to place the furniture items separated from the walls and as close as possible to each other, in order to create an intimate atmosphere. On the other hand, if the room is small, it is better to place the furniture against the walls.

Use white and light colors

White is very much used when it comes to visually enlarged spaces.  This color allows you to enlarge and brighten any room. Combined with other details in light colors and natural tones such as wood or green plants and different textures, you can achieve a stylish living room that will appear bigger than it actually is. It is a good idea to choose the same colors for the walls and furniture.

Another trick is to paint the back wall in a dark color, this will make the wall stand out.

Do not overcrowd the room

Even if you think you have enough space, do not install too much furniture, just add the minimum necessary. This way the room will not feel too overcrowded and overwhelming. Try to choose furniture that has more than one function and that has a space to store your things. Try to choose not too wide sofas and if the room is small choose chairs over armchairs, they occupy less space.

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