How to choose rugs at home

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Choosing the right rug for each space at home is very important. Rugs are big, can last many years, and dramatically change how a room looks. They can be very expensive so choosing the wrong one can be an expensive mistake. Renting them can be a cheaper option to try different kinds and find the perfect one.

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and patterns, so finding the right one can be tricky. However, it is not impossible, so here are some advice and tips you can follow to find the perfect rug for each room in your house.

Finding the perfect material

First of all, you need to know what kind of material you want for your rug.

Cotton rugs are light and fresh, they are perfect for an informal and hot environment. Wool rugs are very popular, they are warmer and very decorative. Esparto is a very traditional and cheaper material but it is less durable.

Synthetic materials like polyethylene, PVC, or vinyl are very durable and resistant to spills and wear. They are perfect for the kitchen and exteriors due to their properties. Linen and silk rugs are very beautiful and relatively easy to clean but they are expensive and deteriorate easily and quickly.

furniture and carpets rental

Patterned or plain?

A boldly patterned rug immediately catches the eye and can define the look of a room. So if you want a more subtle look a simple patterned or plain rug may be a better pick. This is a more personal choice. However, the rug color and pattern should match the general appearance and furniture in the room.

If the upholstery and curtains are patterned it is better to choose a plain rug. If they are plain you can combine them with a rug with flower or geometrical figures design. A plain, light-colored rug is better for small rooms because it makes them look larger and brighter.

What about the size?

Rug size is as important as the material, pattern, and color. Ideally, all furniture must fit completely on the rug, or at least the front legs of the sofa and chairs. The rug should cover all the walking areas, or leave enough space for the traffic around sitting areas.  Small spaces benefit from larger rugs.

A small rug in the center gives the room a messy, unfinished look so it is not recommended. A big room, like a loft, can have different kinds of rugs grouping different kinds of furniture. In the absence of walls, different kinds of rugs can separate different spaces.

Always remember the rug pad

A rug pad underneath the rug will prevent it from slipping. It also gives extra cushioning and extends the rug’s life. The pad should be up to 2.5 cm (1 in) smaller than the rug on all sides, this way, it has a perfect grip and hides underneath the rug.

These are some tips you can follow to choose the perfect rug, however, whether you rent or buy them the final decision is yours.

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