How to choose dining chairs, 6 practical tips

The dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. It is where the family gathers, where we celebrate with friends and talk about our day-to-day life. Choosing the right chairs for your dining table is vital but can be tricky.
You can go with the classic approach and just choose chairs that match your dining table, or you can be more original and creative. Whatever your decision, here are 6 tips to help you choose the perfect chairs for you.

The importance of size

Before choosing any chair model, take into account the size of the table. On average the dining table height is about 76cm. So try to choose chairs of 45cm from floor to seat, to leave enough room for the legs. To determine the number of chairs you have to leave at least 20cm between chairs.

Chair or armchairs?

Again, you need to take into account the size of the room and the table before choosing between the two. If you do not have much space, don´t use armchairs, as you may overcrowd the room. However, if you have enough space, armchairs are more comfortable, eye-catching, and elegant.


The dining room is a place where you spend a lot of time, so choosing comfortable chairs is very important. As we mentioned, armchairs are more comfortable, however, there are a lot of models of incredibly comfy chairs. The important thing is to choose a model where you want to be seated at all times. There is nothing more unpleasant than eating uncomfortably


Chairs and armchairs come in all sizes and materials. The classic models have a wooden or metal structure and fabric upholstery, these are the ones we find in most homes. Wood chairs are perfect for giving your dining room a traditional style, especially if there is more wood furniture in the room. Metal chairs give a modern and elegant vibe to the room. Upholstered chairs have padding on chairs and back so they are very comfortable.

Style and design

When you have chosen the right size, model, and material it is time to choose the style. You should choose colors and patterns that fit your room. If the walls of the room are painted in a neutral color, beige, light brown, or white chairs will always be a perfect match. However, you can add some color to the room by choosing a chair with a bright tone like orange. You can also give more personality to your dining room by choosing chairs with a paisley print.


Dining rooms can be very messy so ideally the chairs and armchairs should be easy to clean and maintain, stain-proof.
By following these simple tips you can choose the perfect dining chairs. If you cannot decide what style you want for the dining room, you can rent them until you find the perfect ones.

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