We want to do business and we know that helping …

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We want to do business and we know that helping landlords to rent their properties furnished works for everyone: the landlord, the tenant, HR, Realtors, Relocators, and us.


Why is there a need and how can we help you?

Many potential tenants from reputable companies and Embassies are looking for well furnished and equipped homes to rent, whether for 6 months or 6 years.  They do not want to ship their furniture and they do not want to buy furniture: they want a home ready to move into.  In Madrid there is a shortage of well furnished homes in rental. Even so, if the landlord can only offer an unfurnished home, then a potentially excellent tenant will just walk away.


The Home Essentials solution:

– In Madrid, Home Essentials  offers landlords a very special opportunity: With no cost and no risk to the landlord we will furnish and equip your rental home. As simple as that!

– We have the furniture available and can install it quickly. The landlord can offer the rental properties furnished and equipped, and so this opens the market considerably, attracting more interest from tenants, and increasing income and occupation rates.

– If the tenant wants the home furnished, then the landlord just increases the rental cost to include our furniture, we furnish the home, and the tenant has a furnished home!

For the landlord, there is no investment required, no risk and no hidden costs. Because it´s the tenant who will assume the costs of the furniture through his monthly rental.


How does it work?

– Without charge and without any commitment from the Landlord, Home Essentials  will make a study of your properties, the area and the market. With this, we will design furniture packets based on the needs, with fixed prices.

– You can then offer the properties empty, as before, or fully furnished and equipped, in which case the cost of the furniture will be added to the rent.

– We will select and install everything without any cost to the landlord before the contract starts, and we will only charge the rent whilst the property is rented out.

– We provide maintenance throughout the rental, and in the unlikely event that your tenant damages or loses furniture, it is they who will pay, through the security deposit you hold. The landlord will never be liable, guaranteed!.



– Depending on the market, we offer the possibility of furnishing a show home for you, free of charge.

– Although aimed at landlords and Realltors with various properties in rent, it works just as well for landlords with just one property.


For more information, contact us, mentioning the “Landlord Special”.

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