Convert your home into the most attractive on the …


Convert your home into the most attractive on the market.

Why lower the price? Make it more attractive instead!

Sell or rent more quickly, for a higher price.

Home Staging, common in the USA, Canada and the UK, is the art of giving your home a “makeover” before you sell or rent it. Because when a potential client compares similar properties, whether to buy or rent, they will always choose the one that is best presented.

Home Essentials offers a unique service for Home Stagers, because you can rent the furniture items and accessories you need, instead of buying them. The objective of Home Staging is to rent or sell your property as soon as possible, so why buy furniture when, if things go to plan, in a few months time, you will have rented or sold the property?

Home Staging is based on the following proven factors:

  • Clients want to acquire the best possible home that meets their needs and which is more or less in their price range. But many decisions are made with the heart, not the head.
  • Many clients have little imagination, so cannot see the potential in a home: they see what they see on the day they visit!
  • People mistakenly believe that an empty property sells or rents more quickly, but that is just not true. A carefully furnished property looks bigger and more attractive, allowing people to imagine how it would be to live there.
  • However, if a home is badly presented, either unfurnished or with unattractive furniture, then the client will focus on the defects, rather than on the advantages. Potential clients, when they visit a home, whether to rent or buy, form their impression in the first 30 seconds. It is these first 30 seconds that can decide between closing a deal and the client politely turning round and walking out.

Home Staging, unlike Interior Design, is about reorganising and simplifying, incorporating the minimum necessary to leave that crucial first positive impression. The objective is always to sell or rent quicker and at a higher price, and statistics show that, after Home Staging, a home will move in half the time and at a 12% higher price.

The key of Home Staging is that for a small investment at the beginning, the whole process will go much better, and you will end up saving many times more than you invest.

When a person decides to sell or rent a property, from that moment, they should step back and be clear headed about their objective.  It is no longer the home where you will live, it has now become a product to sell, and as such it needs to be made attractive to the largest number of people possible.  The client needs to be able to imagine themselves living in these spaces.

Home Essentials has specialist staff, experienced in Home Staging, who will help you make your home more attractive. Our objective is to move your home as quickly as possible, for the minimum outlay.

We are the only company that can offer the necessary furniture and accessories in rental, thereby reducing costs considerably.

Please contact us and we will visit your home to prepare a proposal.  Without any commitment on your behalf, of course.

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